Saffron Mission

Total mind and body wellness through yoga, fitness and nutrition. Our hope is to provide an environment which fosters mindfulness and a connection to community that will be carried forward outside of our studio.  

Saffron Instructors


Robbie Fichtel-  Saffron Studio Owner & Instructor (Yoga Alliance 200 hr RYT, Yoga Alliance Yin Yoga level 1, ACSM Certified Personal Trainer, NASM Fitness Nutrition Specialist, SilverSneakers/FLEX Certified Group Fitness Instructor, Certified Corebar Instructor), I am a proud veteran and wife of a 26 year retired Navy veteran, mom to two sons, and animal lover. I have been a fitness and nutrition enthusiast for over 20 years and began practicing yoga in 2005 while living in Japan; I immediately recognized the multifaceted health benefits of the practice and have been sharing it with others ever since. I am grateful to be able to work doing what I love in the health and fitness industry and believe that self care through exercise, good nutrition and mindfulness are key to longevity and quality of life. My passion is helping others discover and reach their healthiest life through fitness and wellness.

Raven - The lovely and talented Saffron Studio Office Manager. I have worked in the fitness industry for over two years now. I am originally from the Seattle, Washington area but, after moving here I fell in love with a sweet Yuma boy and the city. Fast forwarding 8 years, we have a wonderful family of four. On top of my family, I’ve been blessed to be involved in the fitness community here in Yuma! Which, has shown how much I love helping people start their fitness journey as they walk in and experience such positive impacts that the healthy living here has to offer.

Joan - Licensed Zumba Instructor, Certified Group Fitness InstructorYMCA ACE, Certified SilverSneakers Instructor. I became a fitness instructor at the Yuma YMCA shortly after moving here over 12 years ago. I taught various fitness classes, but, after getting licensed in Zumba fitness in 2009, I dropped everything  to hone my Zumba skills. I am licensed to teach Zumba basic, Z toning, Z step and Z gold.  It has been my addiction and medicine! I get to be a DJ, choreographer, dance instructor and a fitness coach all in one class! I am a mom to a teenage son, and a wife to a semi retired spouse. My experience in the health care system as an RN gives me an understanding and deep appreciation for  the importance of optimal health. I have been fortunate enough to find the key to my happiness, and to be able to share it with others gives it even more meaning. There are two rules in Zumba: have fun and keep moving!

Juda - Namaste (from my heart to yours), I have been a Qigong practitioner for 23 years and first learned Qigong as a student of Acupressure and Chinese Medicine.  Each class began with 20 minutes of Qigong and I felt called to learn more and in time to teach.  Over the past 22 years I’ve had many teachers both male and female from age 30 to 97.  For 4 years my husband and I lived full time in our RV with our two senior cats.  I’ve taught in California, New Mexico, Utah, Texas and Arizona.  We are now Rounders in Yuma and I’ve been teaching in the Foothills for 9 years.  It is with great joy that I share this beautiful practice with my students and enjoy learning from them as well. My background is in both Western and Eastern Medicine:

*Qigong certification at UC San Diego through the Supreme Science Foundation.

*Certification in Reiki & Massage in San Diego from Mueller College of Holistic Studies,

*4 years of Nursing School at the University of Colorado.

Jenn - (200 hr Yoga Alliance RYT, Yoga Alliance Yin Yoga Level 1 Certification) I began my yoga practice in 2013 as a way to improve the health of my body and mind. I was drawn to yoga for the sense of community in each class, as well as the sense of relief from stress I began to experience as I built consistency in my practice. I enrolled in Yoga Teacher Training with the intent to deepen my personal practice, and discovered a passion for teaching yoga over the course of the training. When I am not attending or teaching Yoga classes, I enjoy cooking, hiking, and traveling to explore new places. I look forward to sharing a practice with each student who enters class, and cultivating a space for students to explore kindness and compassion for themselves and others!

Sharon - CIYT, Jr. Intermediate II Certified Iyengar Yoga Teacher, and IAYT certified International Association of Yoga Therapists.  I have been teaching the art and science of Yoga as taught by Yoga Master B.K.S. Iyengar for over 25 years and have traveled to India four times to study with him and his family at his Institute.  In an Iyengar Yoga class we often use props such as blocks, blankets, straps, chairs etc. so students of all ages or with special circumstances such as illness or injury can derive the maximum benefit from each posture.  As we practice, we strive to create and maintain awareness of alignment of the limbs, spine and muscle fibers and correct breathing habits both in and out of class.  The muscles become toned and stronger, the hormones balanced and the mind becomes quiet with a feeling of overall mental and physical wellbeing.  I am pleased to be able to teach here in Yuma throughout the year.  I also dabble in silversmithing and lapidary (rock hunting and polishing), as well as my continuing study of yoga in all its aspects.

Our focus at The Saffron Studio is to offer services and classes which promote total mind and body wellness. In keeping with this mission, I am pleased to introduce that joining our studio in May 2018 will be certified  professionals offering Reiki, Hypnotherapy, Breathwork, Meditation and Laughter Therapy sessions. 

Ann Farley RN is a certified Hypnotherapist, a Reiki Master, a healing Breathwork facilitator and has experience in crystal therapy and aromatherapy. She has been an RN for 34 years and understands that complementary therapies and modalities that integrate mind/body can be especially effective in releasing stress, anxiety, pain, unhealthy habits and more. She is skilled at assisting each individual to access each persons unique capacity to release, renew and self heal. As well as helping people to guide themselves to improved performance in business, sports and personal goals. 

Kate Cook ~  My husband and I settled in Yuma, Arizona back in 2005 and never looked back.  We quickly realized how much we not only loved the weather here in Yuma but the immense history of the Historic Downtown area.  It wasn’t long before we decided to put together what was called back then, “Segway Yuma Tours.”  We did historic tours on Segways back in 2009.  After a few years we decided to retire the business.  My husband Steve was quickly recruited by the Yuma County Historic Society and began doing historic walking tours which now have evolved into not only walking tours but trolley tours, during the winter season.  My passion found me and that was Reiki.  Sometimes I believe if we really stop and look back to where we were verses where we currently are, we might see a Devine journey that although there might have been detours along the way, our path somehow was already laid out in front of us.  This would my experience of where I am today. I am a certified Usui/Holy Fire II Reiki Master Teacher offering what is known as a Japanese technique often used for the reduction of stress and anxiety.  Reiki is wonderful for any chronic issues as well as relaxation. Reiki is a very non-invasive holistic experience offered in hospitals, cancer centers as well as hospices across the Untied States. When our energetic centers, often referred to as our chakras, are out of balance in our bodies, this can affect everything from our mental, emotional and even our physical states.  

I volunteer with Hospice of Yuma and offer not only my time to spend with loved ones but also Reiki upon request. Services I am honored to offer:

Reiki level 1 & 2 classes 

ART/Usui/Holy Fire II Reiki Master Classes

Guided Meditations

Drum Therapy

Certified Laughter Leader through the World Laughter Tour