Is criticism a bad thing or a good thing? I suppose some criticism can be constructive and helpful for our self improvement and growth. I am learning that for me, mostly it depends on my attitude when receiving or giving criticism. No one really enjoys being criticized by others (constructive or otherwise), however if we can learn to set our feelings aside and instead truly listen to someone else's perspective, we may glean valuable insight that will benefit us in the future. Having said that, as I look back on my own life experiences and the times I have grown and become a better version of me, it wasn't due to any criticism or advice I received (often without asking...) from others, but instead by the example set by those I had respect and admiration for. I am very blessed to have known some pretty awesome and accomplished individuals in my life and have adopted from their example the positive habits and characteristics I found missing in my own life. I am grateful for these people and believe they were placed in my path at the right time for this reason; had they sat me down and lectured me as to what they thought I needed to do to improve myself, I am not sure that it would have had the same result. More often than not, lives are impacted not by what we say, but instead by how we live our own lives every day. There are times that constructive criticism is prudent, so when on the receiving end take the criticism seriously and thoughtfully, but not personally, and before responding, take time to think about the advice and then decide if it has a place in your purpose. If you find yourself in a position to give criticism to another person, examine your own motives and then consider if there is perhaps a more effective way to help that person grow in this area. Just imagine what would happen if we all had a bit more compassion and love for others and a bit less criticism... 

Namaste <3


Robbie FichtelComment