***One Saturday each month Saffron offers a FREE yoga class, open to everyone. Be sure to check the schedule for this class as the week and time may vary each month.***

Join us each month for a FREE yoga class to help local seniors and pets in Yuma! We have partnered with Helping Hands of Yuma and The Humane Society of Yuma so there is no charge for the class; we simply ask participants to bring a nonperishable food item* to donate to either organization. 

Be sure to check our online class schedule each week for the latest information on this free class.

  • Space is limited

  • Class is first come first served (No online sign ups)

*Humane Society of Yuma

  • Dog food (canned &/or dry)

  • Kitten formula (KMR kitten powder milk replacer)

  • Kitten canned food (Fancy Feast canned kitten food-Tender Turkey feast)

  • Pine pellet litter

  • Cleaning supplies

*Helping Hands of Yuma

  • Bottled water/hydration beverages

  • Protein drinks (Ensure, Boost, etc.)

  • Crackers

  • nuts

  • Peanut butter

  • soup

  • individual packets of instant oatmeal

  • Chewy granola bars