Healthy Aging Workshops



Don't miss our informative, practical workshops on healthy aging through healthy living. Although we are all aging every day, there are many ways to effectively slow down and even reverse the physical symptoms within our bodies and increase our odds of not only longevity, but living independently longer. 

Upcoming Workshops

November 3, 2018 ~ 9:30a - 1p

Exhaustion & Fatigue: Intro to Adaptogens and Adrenal Health


This presentation by Herbalist Laura Lago will cover the physiological response to stress and other pollutants that cause an imbalance in the endocrine system which can lead to a variety of health related issues such as insomnia, anxiety, inflammation, immune dysfunction, fatigue and exhaustion. Herbs, diet and lifestyle changes will be discussed. Anyone who is over-worked or overly stressed and has identified a link between that and their health problems would benefit from this lecture. Learn how the effects of stress can cause Endocrine System imbalance leading to upsets in menstrual health, menopausal symptoms, fatigue, insomnia, weight gain, high cholesterol and immune dysfunction. Adaptogens can be used to mitigate these effects imbalances.

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October 20, 2018 ~ 10a - 12p Nutrition 101

$25 through September 30 *(early bird discount)

$30 October 1

Registered Dietitian Beth Janda presents this workshop on healthy weight management with good nutrition. She will address the basics of a sound diet, caloric intake needs for different body types, and the latest science based information to help you get your healthy diet on track in order to help you meet your fitness needs and goals. Healthy snacks and recipes will be shared.

*To book this workshop, click link below and go to October 20, 2018 on calendar*